Podcast Cross-Promotion: 5 Steps to Grow Audience

Learn how to grow your podcast audience through strategic cross-promotion with other podcasters. Follow these steps and utilize tools like Botcast AI to reach new listeners.

Looking to boost your podcast's audience? Cross-promotion with other podcasters is a proven strategy. Here's a straightforward guide to get you started:

By following these steps and utilizing tools like Botcast AI, you can effectively reach new listeners and grow your podcast audience through strategic cross-promotion.

Use Audience Interest Analysis

Use Botcast AI to see what your listeners like and find other podcasts they might listen to. This helps you reach out to those podcasts in a smart way, knowing your audiences already have something in common.

You should look at things like:

Podcasts that match well with your audience are great choices for working together.

Check Podcast Directories

Looking through big podcast lists can help you find shows that match yours. Use keywords and categories to search.

Some places like Listen Notes also tell you about the podcast listeners, which helps you see if they match your audience beyond just the topics.

Also, use the suggestion features on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to find podcasts your listeners might also like. These suggestions can give you good ideas.

Always take a good look at potential partners by listening to their shows, checking their online presence, and seeing if their quality matches yours before you contact them. This makes sure you're a good fit for each other.

Step 2: Craft Your Proposal

When you want to team up with another podcast for cross-promotion, it's key to have a clear plan that shows how both sides benefit. Here's how to make your proposal stand out:

Highlight Common Ground

First, talk about what your podcasts have in common, like the same topics or the same kind of listeners. This makes it clear why partnering up is a good idea.

For example:

Both of our podcasts share tips on productivity and are aimed at young professionals. A lot of our listeners are between 20-35 years old. I think they'd really like hearing about each other's shows.

Suggest Specific Ideas

Offer 2-3 specific ways you can promote each other. This could be:

It's good to suggest things you can start on, so it's easier for them to agree.

Explain Benefits

Talk about how both podcasts can get new listeners and other perks from working together. If you can, use numbers to show how much they might gain.

Suggest a Call or Meeting

Ask if they'd like to chat more about it on a call. This shows you're serious and makes it easy for them to learn more.

Putting together a proposal like this shows you've thought it through and are focused on making the partnership work for both sides. Keep it simple and clear to get them excited about teaming up.

Step 3: Select the Format

When you're thinking about how to team up with another podcast, it's good to look at different ways to do it. You might want to try guest swaps or ads read by the host. Here's a bit more about each option.

Guest Swaps

Inviting each other to be guests on your shows is a solid choice. As a guest, you can:

And the host gets:

Both of you win. Here are some tips to make guest swapping work well:

Host-Read Ads

You can also have each host talk about the other's podcast for about 30-60 seconds. These ads work well because listeners trust the host.

Here's how to make good ads:

Picking how to team up based on what you want to achieve, how much time you have, and who listens to your podcast will help you get more listeners. Start with simple things like being guests on each other's shows as you get to know each other better.

Step 4: Execute Your Strategy

When you're ready to put your cross-promotion plan into action, here's a simple way to make it happen using Botcast AI:

Set Up Tracking

First, you need to keep track of how many people are coming to listen to your podcast because of the cross-promotion. Botcast AI helps you see:

This information is crucial to understand if your efforts are paying off.

Schedule Content

Plan when you'll share each other's content. It's good to spread this out over time instead of all at once. Use a calendar to organize:

This helps keep everything organized and makes sure your audience doesn't get overwhelmed.

Record Guest Spots

If you're going to be a guest on another podcast, remember to:

This can get new people interested in your show.

Add Promos

For swapping promos or doing ads, make sure to:

This keeps your current listeners engaged and helps attract new ones.

Review Metrics

Look at the data from Botcast AI to see:

This tells you what's working and what's not. Use this info to make your next cross-promotion even better.

By following these steps, you can make your cross-promotion a success and grow your audience.

Step 5: Track Performance

After you've started cross-promoting, it's important to see if it's actually helping. Botcast AI gives you detailed reports to check how well things are going.

Monitor Listener Growth

The first thing to look at is new listeners - are more people listening to your podcast after you've teamed up with others? This tells you if the partnership is working.

You should also see:

Understanding this helps you know if you're attracting the right listeners.

Evaluate Content Performance

Check how well the episodes or promos you did together are doing. Look at:

This helps you see if people like what you're creating together.

Connect Data to Partners

With this info, you can figure out:

Sharing these findings with your partners can help make future promotions even better.

Optimize Based on Results

Use what you've learned to improve. For instance:

Adjusting your strategy based on actual results is key to getting more listeners.

Botcast AI's tracking gives you a clear view of what's working and what could be better. Keeping an eye on these metrics helps you and your partners get smarter about how to reach more people.


Teaming up with other podcasters to share your shows with each other's listeners is a smart move if you want more people to tune into your podcast. By picking shows that fit well with yours, you can introduce your podcast to new ears who might really like what you have to say.

But, getting this right involves a few steps. You have to put together a good plan that shows why teaming up is a win-win, choose the best way to share each other's content, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Keeping an eye on how well these partnerships work is super important. With a tool like Botcast AI, you can see:

With this info, you can stick with what works and change what doesn't. This smart approach helps you get better at finding new listeners over time.

The friendships and visibility you gain from working together with other podcasts can really help your podcast grow. And with the insights from Botcast AI, you're all set to make the most of these partnerships. Keep checking how things are going, talk about what you learn with your podcast pals, and tweak your plan to reach even more people.

What are the top 5 elements for creating an entertaining podcast?

To make your podcast fun to listen to, focus on:

How do you grow your podcast audience?

To reach more listeners:

What are the 7 steps to planning your podcast?

Here are seven steps to get your podcast ready:

  1. Figure out the main idea and topic of your podcast
  2. Choose a name, logo, and style for your show
  3. Get the right equipment and software for recording and editing
  4. Plan how your episodes will be structured
  5. Prepare your content and line up interviews
  6. Record your episodes
  7. Promote your podcast and talk with your listeners on social media

What is podcast cross promotion?

Podcast cross promotion is when two or more podcasters help each other by telling their listeners about each other's shows. This way, each podcaster can reach people who might like their content but haven't heard of them yet. It's a good way to find new listeners and make connections with other podcasters.

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